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Concept | Personal Brainstorm

September 30th, 2008

I am going to do a little brainstorm/analyse, my way in my own sandbox for now, before I forget what I have in mind right now. Small notes about:

  • Distribute software
  • Digitalize prints (aka create web/pc) software
  • Situations any software can be used
  • Conceptual ideas

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Letting things go | rant

September 30th, 2008

What I have learned mostly the past few weeks as a project manager/team member is:

  • I have (at least I think) distinct ideas of how certain parts of a project should run therefore
  • I wish to do the things my way and feel frustrated when the rest of the group rejects my ideas
  • Either I am bad explaining or sometimes people don’t actually listen to what I am trying to say
  • There are many ways that lead to Rome. Knowing this is not enough this should be practised as well.

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MY healthy Fruity time

September 28th, 2008

One of the things I look forward to every week is my fruity day. In weekends (mostly Sundays) I prepare my own juice for the day and it is delicious! Some pics for you and the simple but very healthy recipe.

fruity mix differences

First glass is juice orange with strawberry only. Later I added the raspberries and the colour gets more pink/purple. Taste with raspberry is more sweet and mild. The lime give it an extra bite ;) Read more…

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It’s good to be back @ LearningCentre

September 25th, 2008

I just want to mention it is good to be back at work! I am a semi teacher / student assistant at the LearningCentre. It is fun and responses from the student are very positive. Only now I realise that teaching is one of the things I like to do in life. Teaching people who are eager to learn, that is. The next 4 months are probably the last months I will be working for LearningCentre. :(

After 4 months my industrial placement of 5 months starts, hopefully at Swan Web Solutions. If it is not Swan Web Solutions then it will be a dutch web development company. Either way, after these 4 months my career as web developer finally starts!

oke, this is my final post for today.

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Cal Evans comes to Dutchland

September 25th, 2008

The guys were already dumdumdumdum-ing (and if you stand on your head you’ll read wupwupwupwup) for the past few days and I was wondering why…and now I know, because:

Cal Evans comes to the Netherlands… woohoo ..I have not met him, I only know him from the photo’s on Flickr, stories abour him and Zend and his blog. Yet I am very exited to know he will be in little Holland. Here is some for you to read:
Cal Evans becomes director of the Ibuildings Centre of Expertise
Centre of Expertise moet groei PHP stimuleren
Cal..Welcome! :)

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Analyses – What do we want / need to know?

September 25th, 2008

The meeting last week (Tuesday) was a good one. Michele joined us as she was interested in the subject as well. The client was well and happy to give us the freedom to analyse certain aspects and to think of concepts ourselves. This is a big relief since we can stick to this assignment and not have to be afraid of being not even slightly creative.

…skip..skip ~1 week…

Selecting our target group

Our target group segmentation can exist of:

(I’m sorry, I accidentally made this pie in Dutch. I am too lazy to change to EN right now)

Initially the target groups are the children and their parents, this is the client request. Laurens en Marlies thought it might be the remedial teachers that should be the target group instead of the parents. This sounds quite logical as well and it is one of the ways to infiltrate :p. While I did have my doubts, I still was interested to find out. I doubted because the remedial teachers, like teachers, are part of a primary school and it is a known fact: it is not easy to break through (a part of) a school system with new methods. Primary school is quite conservative when it comes to that, while at the same time they try to stay current with these days technology.

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my Sponsor = YOUR company @ my PHPNW08

September 22nd, 2008

As a becoming PHP developer, obviously, I want to learn! How? like, visit as many conferences and meetings as I possibly can, meet kind PHP developers.

This post is about one of those opportunities (to learn) that nobody wants to miss.

Oke, this is the deal

I am a becoming PHP developer and You are a PHP (or related to PHP) company.

I want to learn PHP and I am in search of a sponsor for my flight and hotel near PHPNW (~€400).

I am most certain that there is something you want!

What is in it for your company?

More than you know! The possibilities are endless!

The question is:

What can I do for your company at

PHPNW to get you what you want?

One of the possibilities are:

  • I wear a black or white shirt with YOUR COMPANY LOGO on the back and front (and even on the shoulders if you are that exited). Lots of photo’s will be taken with me wearing the shirt with YOUR company LOGOs on it! These photo’s will be published on my Flickr account (it is almost like carve in stone. Difference is that people need not to travel to this stone, they only need internet connection).
  • My review of PHPNW08 will contain photo’s with me and my shirt as well…with a thank you note to my sponsor (=YOU).

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to sponsor me in any other way than a shirt :) ..

Now I am crossing my fingers, hoping someone will respond to my desperate call ;)

phpnw08 PHP Conference 22/11/2008

If you would like to help me, but don’t want to sponsor my trip, spreak the word by forwarding or retweeting this to people/companies you know who might be interested :) thank you to all who reply and retweet :)


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23things: the Web 2.0 tools I use

September 17th, 2008

I am already using a few of the tools that will be used during the 23dingen course. Feel free to browse and see how I use it..and do let me know how you use it :)

my Delicious bookmarks

my Flickr photo’s

my LinkedIn profile

my Hyves profile

my profile

my YouTube profile (psst. I even uploaded a few vids ;) )

The instant messengers I use

MSN or Digsby (great tool to use for different IM providers) and there are many many more. be continued..


23things: kickoff

September 17th, 2008

Today is the kickoff of 23things (aka 23dingen in Dutch). It is an innitiative of my employer (NHL). Few departements (~20 people) within the NHL will follow this course to learn about Web 2.0 tools. As a CMD student I already consider myself quite Web 2.0-ish but it never hurts to learn more. Perhaps I might even be able of service to others (that would be more than wonderful!!).

Rob Coers of 23dingen explained what we can expect the next 4 months. And you can expect from me to fully report the events that will occur (if I witness them conciously). I hope to be able to motivate all participants by commenting their first (and future) blog posts.

And if you are one of the participants… feel free to add me to MSN and email me anytime with questions. And if I have the time, I would love to visit you and help you further with much pleasure!!

For more posts related to 23dingen, click on the tag ’23dingen’  at the bottom of this post.

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Reflective thought | the assignment vs. the client

September 12th, 2008

I chose an assignment that seems most effective and informative for me to gain new educational related knowledge / skills in ways of digitalizing educational learning material. The assignment description is a bit vague, but does give the impression of having plenty room to cook creative concepts. In reality, it looks like the descriptive assignment differs with what the client has in mind. During this post it will come clear what the assignment is.

Our first meeting with the client was last Wednesday. This briefing is to get to know each other and to make sure both parties are well aware of what is the exact assignment. Because of the privacy of the client I shall call him ‘the client’ and the company name as ‘the company’.

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