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Thing #2 + #3 – Create your first weblog + post

November 23rd, 2008

Yeah.. oke, lucky me as I already have a weblog. It did take a while before I began to understand what exactly is a weblog and why people would use it and read it. My first impression of a weblog was, that it is a public diary. I could not believe anyone would be writing in their weblog, each post starting with: dear weblog or dear Kitty (I believe many girls named their weblog Kitty?).

Fortunately I was totally wrong. Right now I see it a mixture of some sort of very simple CMS and the functionality of being able to reply to a post, like in a forum, that can be used for many purposes, eg: business- and/or news blog, diary, rantblog etc etc. Many people on the internet even use blog software as their entire website.

ok, up to thing #4.

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Thing #1 – What is 23things

November 23rd, 2008

AAaaahh… I ran behind!! Let me try to catch least till halfway!


I have not done thing #1 even!

Oké! thing #1 = done! That wasn’t so hard. I just had to read the first post of what is about: basically it is about, shaking hands with and experience what is Web 2.0. The post ends with the following video:The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version)

I quite like this video, have not seen it before. I have not much to add to the thing #1 beside that I can imagine that it can be quite confusing and overloading in information for someone who isn’t an internet junky like I am.

Up to thing #2.

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Bughuntday #1 photo’s – Zend Framework

November 8th, 2008

Wohoo.. PHP bughuntday with ~25 PHPers!

I am not sure how many bugs we fixed as a team. All I know is, I did not fix any :( the whole unittesting, commiting, testing is totally new for me.. Most of the times I was checking what Rein was doing or taking photo’s.

Bughuntday #1


Finally..finally! I knew the day would come, but I had not imagined it would be today…

bughuntday #1 - elePHPant

Flickr photos of bughuntday #1

Check it out: The photo’s of the PHP bughuntday organized by phpGG and PHPBelgium!

Do you have a photoset as well? let me know and I will add it in this post as well ;)

The slides

norm7282 slides for this bughuntday

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