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Updated productreview: BOSE® in-ear headphone

July 6th, 2011

This is a small update on the product review of the BOSE in-ear headphone (in Dutch) back in March 2008. Basically I was very dissapointed with the quality of the product.

A representative of Bose contacted me in July 2009, explained it was unacceptable that one of their customers bought a faulty product. I was absolutely positively suprised by the way they handle complaints. It shows they really care and make efforts to improve. I had the privilege to experience the new version of their in-ear phones again.

ps. I’ve been meaning to write this updated review last year but due to circumstances I wasn’t able. This did allow me to test the headphones more throughly :)

Why did I buy their in-ear headphone?

The quality of sound is important to me. High sounds must not be shrill and the bass must be full. The BOSE in-ear headphones were the first headphones I heard to fit my requirements. Looking at the price and description of such headphone, I can only assume it will fit my requirements.

2nd impression

This time the box contained more than before. In bold are products that weren’t in the previous included in the previous model:

  • in-ear headphone
  • carrying case
  • lanyard
  • clothing clip
  • 3 sizes of in-ear silicone tips
  • audio cable
  • neck cable

The sound is still wonderful. I really enjoy the full bass sound.

The clothing clip helps prevents the cable, where it splits, to break everytime you pull the audio cable. Where the silicon tips used to fall off easily, it now is attached to the headphone more tight. It is not easy to lose the tips anymore.

These were my main issues and I am very happy to see them solved.

Extra silicon tips can now be ordered from their website around 5 EUR.


It is very clear to me that Bose has tested this product and improved its usability. All issues I complained of, and I’m sure others as well, in my previous post were addressed.

A quick round of throwing numbers:
Sound: 8
Product quality: 8
Usability: 8

Major improvements to the product… Thumbs up for Bose!