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Received spam from

August 29th, 2012

It has come to my attention that someone is misusing my domain to send around spam.

I offer you my apologies in advance if you received any of them.

I’m not the one sending them out. It is known as a Joe Job and I will be fixing this issue over the next couple days or week.

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Updated productreview: BOSE® in-ear headphone

July 6th, 2011

This is a small update on the product review of the BOSE in-ear headphone (in Dutch) back in March 2008. Basically I was very dissapointed with the quality of the product.

A representative of Bose contacted me in July 2009, explained it was unacceptable that one of their customers bought a faulty product. I was absolutely positively suprised by the way they handle complaints. It shows they really care and make efforts to improve. I had the privilege to experience the new version of their in-ear phones again.

ps. I’ve been meaning to write this updated review last year but due to circumstances I wasn’t able. This did allow me to test the headphones more throughly :)

Why did I buy their in-ear headphone?

The quality of sound is important to me. High sounds must not be shrill and the bass must be full. The BOSE in-ear headphones were the first headphones I heard to fit my requirements. Looking at the price and description of such headphone, I can only assume it will fit my requirements.

2nd impression

This time the box contained more than before. In bold are products that weren’t in the previous included in the previous model:

  • in-ear headphone
  • carrying case
  • lanyard
  • clothing clip
  • 3 sizes of in-ear silicone tips
  • audio cable
  • neck cable

The sound is still wonderful. I really enjoy the full bass sound.

The clothing clip helps prevents the cable, where it splits, to break everytime you pull the audio cable. Where the silicon tips used to fall off easily, it now is attached to the headphone more tight. It is not easy to lose the tips anymore.

These were my main issues and I am very happy to see them solved.

Extra silicon tips can now be ordered from their website around 5 EUR.


It is very clear to me that Bose has tested this product and improved its usability. All issues I complained of, and I’m sure others as well, in my previous post were addressed.

A quick round of throwing numbers:
Sound: 8
Product quality: 8
Usability: 8

Major improvements to the product… Thumbs up for Bose!


Fruitful and inspiring internship with Touchnote :)

June 17th, 2010

This is a very belated internship Touchnote review.

It has been a while since I updated my blog with, what I find, share-able posts. My life as a student can be quite hectic but now I found the time to concentrate on writing about a very fruitful period of my life; my internship with

After I left my previous internship earlier I gave myself 3 weeks to find a paid internship in London, else I’d go back to Holland to find one.

I applied to several paid internship jobs in London as web developer. A web dev agency was interested and Touchnote, which I found on GiveMeaStudent (disappeared all of a sudden).  It took me a few days to decide with which company I’d like to work with. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. In the end I chose Touchnote for it was closer to home (still quite far though), I enjoyed my communications with them, having a smaller team I expected a more personal approach. Touchnote was interested in meeting me so I arranged an interview asap.

My first English job interview

Obviously I had a horrible Dutch accent but my interview with Touchnote was very pleasant. I spoke with the CEO and the lead developer.  The chat with the lead developer was interestingly perfect! The type of questions asked by him gave me an idea of their way of working, professionalism and their knowledge regarding web development. What they could offer me was exactly what I was looking for! Now I just hoped that I could offer them what they were looking for. I was quite insecure to be honest. I had no portfolio to show that I am well or reasonable capable of using PHP, MySQL, CSS and HTML. I could only explain what I knew and did, what my experiences with PHP were sand what I wanted to learn.

After a week I heard the good news! I could stay in London!! Yeh.. now I couldn’t wait to get started.

The dev team and me

Feeling a bit insecure I hoped to be able to live up to their expectations. They sure lived up to mine. I got all the support I needed; during work and for school. I made some errors and felt very ashamed and I also made successes. The dev team was always open to my questions as well as to my suggestions. They were very clear in their expectations and in explaining different things. I could ask the same technical question like 3 times and still they wouldn’t be fed up with me :)

Due to my previous internship experience I actually expected not to be taken seriously because I was just an intern. To my surprise; my suggestions, ideas and opinions were taken seriously and I was more than just an intern.

I worked with new tools to help with the development of the website. I learned new coding tricks and more about Cake, JQuery and 3rd party API’s. I had the chance to apply my own SEO skills and on top of that I learned new, never heard of before, SEO strategies.

I tasted a bit of how the lead developer plans projects in an Agile, SCRUM, way; how to realistically estimate the time of each project. From start to finish I experienced how a lead developer manages it’s team and how he can get desired results from its team when time is limited. How to look at problems and how to try to tackle them. This is definitely something I’ll always take with me if I ever get a leading or managing role of any kind in my life. His managing capacities to me are a very important lessons, so is everyone else’s role within the company.

I’ll remember the deployment evenings/nights. The days working towards them were hard work but the deployments were always good fun and usually came with pizza or snacks as well :)

The rest of the Touchnote team

I am surprised how everyone in the company communicates very well and clearly. I think I always knew what everyone was up to, everyone was always well informed, we knew how the paths forward looked like, what the next steps were, what expectations are and no surprises other than good surprises. It is very fascinating and again very important entrepreneurial lessons for me. Examples of good behaviour is very important for my learning progression :)

Never was I asked/demanded to get coffee for the team :) never did I felt being treated as “the intern” or “the student”. Such a delight!

I was offered to stay after my internship but decided to go back home and continue school. It wasn’t an easy decision but school is something that has priority now. I just want to get over with it first.


I honestly could not have hoped for a better internship. I learned a lot; gained real practical experience with a professional company. It was fun and gave me more confidence in my role as web developer. Every person in the whole Touchnote team is very devoted to the company, hard working, professional, reasonable, fun, well mannered, respectful and friendly. What more does one need?

I sincerely hope that any future web dev intern will have similar positive experiences.

Thank you Touchnote Team!!

Side note to all students looking for internship in London

Key is to search well and thoroughly, apply to different internship jobs… It is possible to find decent, good and even paid internships if you are determined and know what you are looking for..don’t compromise in that! If I am able to accomplish what I was looking for then you sure can too.

My personal points of improvement

After this experience I thought of new challenges that I’d like to pursue.

Obviously some more web development skills; website architecture, JavaScript (or JS libraries), advanced CSS. I quite like to learn more about ZendFramework and more more hard core Linux commands!! That is so awesome.

Believe it or not. I quite like to be a (junior) project manager at least once in my life. For that I seriously need to work on my English communication skills; explaining technical situations to web novices at any time. Be able to clearly explain situations: what do I expect and what is happening, what do I do and what are my expectations.

I’d like to become more British in how I communicate :) so more British accent is coming! Bye bye Dutch accent.. Tot ziens!

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Showing off my learner Yamaha XVS Dragstar 125

October 18th, 2009

There is a lot I’d like to write about but time is not what I have. Internship takes up most of my time, then my school project and finally my beautiful Dragstar. Just a quick post to show off my beauty :)

Yamaha Dragstar 125

More photo’s can be found on my Flickr account

Motorcycle licence in London works a bit different than in the Netherlands. There are different types and the basic one is the CBT (Compulsory Basic Training

With just a CBT you are allowed to ride a bike/scooter with restrictions. The CBT is a training day where you learn to control, make manoeuvres and ride the bike. The restrictions are max 125cc, you have to ride with L-plates, no Motorways.

As soon as I have the money, I’ll go for my full licence to get rid of the L-plates and maybe, just maybe buy a bigger bike. But for now I can not imagine selling this beauty for the next few years…

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Personalise your greeting cards with Touchnote

June 11th, 2009

Now is the time to tell you something about the company that is brave enough to have my around as a web developer intern ;)

What can Touchnote do for us

Who doesn’t like to receive a personal card? Everyone likes to receive a greeting, anniversary, birthday, thank you, I love you or a “just to say hi” card from friends and family. Stores have racks full with cards you can choose from for plenty occasions. But it is now time for an other type of card, the delightful little Touchnote card!

Touchnote is all about personalising your card

Use any photo you have stored on your computer for your card. In the card creator you can also drag speechbubbles onto the photo to make it more personal. A few example cards using my own photos:

On the inside you can write your love message, greeting, thank you note, invitation or life story. Also unlimited smilies, hearts and mugshots with your webcam can be inserted into the inside of your card to compliment your message! :)

Don’t have photos on your computer anymore? An other key thing on Touchnote is that you can login into securely login into Facebook or Picasa. Choose a photo from one of your albums and personalise your card.

Touchnote is Web 2.0

Though people already start talking about Web 3.0, being a semantic and more personal way of experiencing the Internet, the Web 2.0 bubble is still present.

One of the key things of Web 2.0 is bridging the gap between the offline world and the online world, or standing inbetween these 2 worlds. So what place does Touchnote occupy in this Web 2.0 definition?

Well, lets see..

1. Online: You can use your own photo’s to create a personalised greeting, birthday, you name it card.
2. Offline: Create a personalised greeting, birthday, you name it card with one of the photo’s you take with you mobile phone.
3. Inbetween online and offline: This really is unique! Once you created and sent the card using your mobile phone (or online), it will be posted for you to anywhere in the world! How neat is that?

Go on and try it too! Check their website to see which mobile phone’s they currently support. There is also an online demo available. More support coming for other mobiles soon!

Note that the Touchnote for Mobile is the only Ovi Store app that ships a physical product.

Now you know what Touchnote is.. don’t be afraid to send a card yourself… click!

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Send 2 free cards with – be fast

May 15th, 2009

Touchnote just tweeted:

2 free cards on coz it’s summer! Valid until Sunday. Promo code: 2-CARD-WEEKEND Please retweet!”

Yes, this means you can send 2 free real postcards to your friends, family, lover(s) … secret lover perhaps even?

You got to be quick.. this promo code lasts till Sunday.

I will send one to a friend who recently visited me in London.. still thinking to who I will send the other free postcard…


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MY in London – After I left internship-uk studios92

April 5th, 2009

I am in London now since March 8th and it feels fantastic after I left internship-uk at studios92!

Now..finally it is time for some fun stuff in the real world!

The world outside studios92′s littlestone hotel is so different! I feel free and I have air to breath.. So, what have I been up to so far?… well…

Read more…

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Article: phpGG Frontend event 2009 report

January 27th, 2009

I just posted an elaborate report/review of the phpGG Frontend event that took place on 24th Jan 2009 in Briza Den Haag. A must read if you were not there, but wish you was :)

The main subjects covered:

  1. User experience on the web (Dutch spoken)
  2. Flex and AIR for PHP programmers (English spoken with a Romanian accent)
  3. Javascript: 8 Reasons every PHP developer should love it (Dutch spoken)
  4. The frontend is your best friend (Dutch spoken)

The slides showed during this event are included in that post (soon).

This is my report of that day!

Read the article here:  phpGG Frontend event 2009 report

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Seven Things – Tagged by Norm2782

January 19th, 2009

Luckily I know norm2782, else I might not be involved in this Seven Things happening. Thank you norm2782 for tagging me (sarcastic tone), now I have to think of 7 crazy, weird or whatever facts. Writing this post is slightly delayed because of.. *excuses excuses*. Anyway, as promised in one of my earlier tweets this is my Seven Things.

Read more…

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phpGG Frontend Special: client-side event op 24 januari 09

January 4th, 2009

A Dutch version and an English version.

Dutch version:

Het nieuwe jaar is van start en om dit goed te beginnen start phpGG met een frontend evenement. Dit evenement is bedoeld voor developers die zich met client-side technologie bezig houden. Het is niet alleen voor PHP Developers, maar ook voor frontend developers, en voor iedereen die te maken heeft met frontend, in welke vorm dan ook.

Read the entire entry on


English Version:

Today the Dutch PHP Usergroup announced their first event of the year. Instead of a regular meeting, we’re going to take a bit more effort and we’re introducing the phpGG Frontend Special on january 24th!

Read the entire entry written by Skoop

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