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Concept | Personal Brainstorm

September 30th, 2008

I am going to do a little brainstorm/analyse, my way in my own sandbox for now, before I forget what I have in mind right now. Small notes about:

  • Distribute software
  • Digitalize prints (aka create web/pc) software
  • Situations any software can be used
  • Conceptual ideas

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Letting things go | rant

September 30th, 2008

What I have learned mostly the past few weeks as a project manager/team member is:

  • I have (at least I think) distinct ideas of how certain parts of a project should run therefore
  • I wish to do the things my way and feel frustrated when the rest of the group rejects my ideas
  • Either I am bad explaining or sometimes people don’t actually listen to what I am trying to say
  • There are many ways that lead to Rome. Knowing this is not enough this should be practised as well.

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Reflective thought | the assignment vs. the client

September 12th, 2008

I chose an assignment that seems most effective and informative for me to gain new educational related knowledge / skills in ways of digitalizing educational learning material. The assignment description is a bit vague, but does give the impression of having plenty room to cook creative concepts. In reality, it looks like the descriptive assignment differs with what the client has in mind. During this post it will come clear what the assignment is.

Our first meeting with the client was last Wednesday. This briefing is to get to know each other and to make sure both parties are well aware of what is the exact assignment. Because of the privacy of the client I shall call him ‘the client’ and the company name as ‘the company’.

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Happy MY | School begins 2008-2009

September 1st, 2008

It may sound weird, but I am actually happy to go to school! Especially because of the minor “Education and Multimedia”. I love holidays but for now I need to spend my time wisely to be able to reach the goals I have in life the fastest way. Time is not standing still and I am not getting any younger. Afer I reached the most important goals, there will be plenty time to enjoy the holidays without having the feeling of loosing time. If I felt as determined, as I am now, at age 20 (after I graduated as MBO network manager, level 4), I could be graduated at University of applied schience already. But sometimes courses in life head into a different direction but still will get you where you want to be (at least, in my case). The good thing though is, I have not any regrets or whatsoever concerning the choices I made on school matters in the past. Apparently I just needed more time.

Within this minor I wish to learn how Multimedia (beyond internet) can be used to improve (unconsious) learning proces. I will devote a specific topic about what I want to learn later. For now a short list of my new schoolyear resulotions, as part of my internal development:

  • Work more at school and less at home. This leaves me more room to do my own things after school (PHP for example).
  • Be a good projectmanager and have more interaction with the projectmembers.
  • When annoyed, talk personally with the particular projectmember about it.
  • Not talk negatively about other people. It is easy to talk bad and I certainly do not find it a good trait of myself. I used to bit a quite pessimistic person and only see the less good things of people. I want an attitude change and focus on the positive things.
  • Instead of working hard at the end of the project. I wish to equally divide my schoolload over the whole semester.
  • Go to bed early! Else it is a pain to get out of bed so early. My usual times to go to bed is 3am.

For now I have to prepare things as project manager :) yay!

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