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MY in London – After I left internship-uk studios92

April 5th, 2009
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I am in London now since March 8th and it feels fantastic after I left internship-uk at studios92!

Now..finally it is time for some fun stuff in the real world!

The world outside studios92′s littlestone hotel is so different! I feel free and I have air to breath.. So, what have I been up to so far?… well…

My life here so far is so unlike my life in Holland. I live in a quiet part in London but I live so close to the busy city!

Extended travelling time to work…

In Leeuwarden, where it took me max 15 minutes cycling to get from home to either work or school. It only takes 8 minutes cycling to the city. In London a trip to the city takes me at least 40 minutes. A trip to my future work in Camden takes me at least 1 hour. That is a drastic change. But if I wish to live in London, sacrifices have to be made. Sacrifices which I enjoy to make.

Get close to the women or man of your dreams…

I thought the trains in Holland could get crowded from time to time but that is nothing compared to the rush-hours in the London Tubes. Wowohwow!

If you never been close to a women (or a guy) before then this is your chance to get very close to one! Get into the tubes at rush-hour. It starts around 18:00 and can last a few hours.

Tube rush-hours are fascinating in a way. Everyone stays so positive, no complaining or whatsoever. Hm, I wonder if anyone found their current partner during a tube rush-hour.

If you are claustrophobic, DON’T GET IN during rush-hours!

What have I seen / done so far?

I did some other things besides visiting the obvious like Museums, Picadilly circus, Trafalgar square, Oxford street, Millennium bridge, Harrods too. I slept a lot (is one of my best hobbies) and… I bought a desk to do my coding. I feel so at home now with my talented and dear friend retrofantasy :)

Searching for a paid internship as web developer

It took me 2 weeks to find several matching companies. Those were 2 relaxing but very exciting weeks. I could finally take it more slow and catch up with all the things I had to miss the last 4 weeks. It was exciting because I had set myself a deadline. I would return to Holland if I couldn’t find a company before April 8th.

I found a few paying companies for an interview. The first job interview was directly a hit: Touchnote.com! I found Touchnote through GiveMeAStudent.com: A company dedicated to bring together highly motivated students with companies. I was slightly nervous during the interview with the CEO and Elwood (Lead web developer). My conversation with Elwood was very enjoyable. Finally someone talking web dev lang to me!  I was very pleased by the type of questions he asked me as I believe they reflect the web dev activities I want to be involved with.

After the GO I cancelled other planned job interviews and that is it. Search is over.. I CAN STAY IN LONDON!!

An update about Touchnote soon.

Movies – Cinema’s .. YaYaY

According to my well respected ex-colleague: “You have to go to the cinema in London. They are HUGEEE!”

Which one..which one? I have not yet seen the bigger halls. Perhaps a visit to the cinema’s in Leicester Square one day.

Movies seen so far:

  1. Slumdog millionaire – 8/10
  2. Bolt (3D) – 6/10
  3. New in Town – 5/10
  4. Surveillance – 3/10
  5. Watchmen – 8/10
  6. The boat that rocked – 8/10

My first time to a ballet show: Swan lake

…was to Swan Lake!  with a very elegant and talented lady I met during my internship with studios92.. (pssst, it was her first time as well)

I like classical music. Ballet (and movies) seems to get along with it quite well.

The play was quite enjoyable with costumes of the middle ages. Looking at the stage made me think of a middle age live painting mixed with one of Claude Monet’s paintings of Water Lilies. The focus was on the main characters. The minor characters were moving around, but not too much. Just enough to not distract and plenty to make the painting feel more alive. The colours used were very bright and flourishing, very pleasing for the eye.

And the music was great too. Unfortunately I could not see them play (sat too high) but a live orchestra is much more enjoyable than listening to a CD version. As Marina said: “It  lifts up your soul” .. it sure does.

Next thing I’d like to see is an Opera play, Phantom of the Opera perhaps? :)

Chessington – Zoo and amusement park

Aah..we finally met again! The Dutchies from studios92 and me. It felt good to see them again.

All of them are one by one good people! ..and Nicole (on the very left), she is amazing! I envy her! She speaks and writes CHINESE! I feel embarrassed being around her :p

Chessington - 20090330

Check check for more photo’s of this day.

Well, family and friends (and enemies).

You are up to date now.. thanks for reading..

Wish you a very lovely, fruitful and enjoyable day!


Please do not forget to visit Touchnote.

~ Show your friends and family that you care!

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  1. April 7th, 2009 at 09:58 | #1

    Hi Dearest Kana!!!

    I can’t remember the name of the odeon cinema i mentioned in my story to you, but the entrance was at a very small park were there’s a fair now and then. There’s at least one ben&jerry’s at that location and an uhm… steakhous, angus stakehouse it is! If you ordered your ben&jerry’s, and turn around, its at the other end of the plaza/park. while turned around, the angus stakehouse should be right of you, and a very big looking cinema entrance with large poster above it on the left (but thats not the one i told about). Good luck! Looking at google maps makes me think it could very well be leichester square…! I’ve also been to one at marble arch, but thats not a very big one… :)

    Kindest regards,

    Your colleague/buddy

  2. April 14th, 2009 at 22:34 | #2

    And guess what… Just bought myself a Samsung NC10!!! Was in sale @ Mediamarkt, €377,– !!!

  3. Rudger
    May 11th, 2009 at 10:54 | #3

    Hey Kana,

    When can we read how it’s going @ Touchnote?
    Just to know if this company fits you better.

    regards from the Dutch wastelands(a.k.a. Heerenveen):-D

  4. May 14th, 2009 at 12:58 | #4

    @Rudger Hey! I am still trying to find time to update my blog. A part of my update will explain why it is hard to find time :) but other than that, Touchnote Rawks!

    I heard it is good weather in Dutchland! More sunny than here..

  5. Rudger
    May 14th, 2009 at 16:39 | #5

    Good to hear that you like Touchnote :-)
    London is a great city enjoy your stay there :-p

    The weather is quite strange, yesterday almost 20 degrees, now only 15 :-(

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