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Thing #12 – Playing with wiki

December 8th, 2008

Wiki, who doesn’t know that.. if you don’t, then “wikipedia” must ring a bell.

I have never participated/changed a wiki page on a site unless the wiki was specially setup for me and someone else, for example using a wiki at work for creating a website. Other than that, for some reason I am either way too insecure to change content or I am just too lazy. Perhaps an other reason is that I have not found any errors in existing wiki pages.

I have set up a few wiki’s already and it is easy to install. It is easy to keep the wiki for a select group of members as well. I have learned it is easy to use a wiki for documenting. A wiki can basically replace other software that is an encyclopedia. The beauty of the wiki is that everyone within the group can contribute. No more one chief editor .. everyone is responsible for the information provided.

Here is a whole list of available Wiki software.

ps. I am aware that I skipped thing #11

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Thing #10 – Social bookmarking

December 8th, 2008

One of the best ideas in todays online life: bookmarking!

I have bookmarks on my laptop, home PC, home mini Mac, at school and at work. How on earth can I get to the bookmarks on my home PC easily at any time of the day if I am at school? Solution: online bookmarking sites. Not that I am using any (social) online bookmarking services right I have not found the one that is suitable for my needs.. but

Delicious is one of the most known bookmarking sites. Some people even claim to use Delicious as search engine instead of Google!.. unbelievable
So, here you go: my Delicious bookmarks

I found an other very nice one,, but after a while I learned they a) have no option to cancel your account and b) pages set as private are still accessible and indexed by search engines like Google.

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Thing #8 + #9 – Playtime!

December 8th, 2008

Thing #8 is about editting photo’s online. I have done some online photo editting with Adobe Photoshop Express in this post. It is fun for minor easy changes, I still prefer the Photoshop PC software though. Please be aware of their terms if you decide to edit photo’s using their Adobe Photoshop Express.

Thing #9 is writing a post about my view on Web 2.0. Well, I discovered the Web 2.0 phenomenon about a year ago. Not knowing it had that name. There were many nights of pondering what is that buzz word. To me Web 2.0 is about a few things combined: the internet combined with the offline life. The transparency in software. The community that comes with new sites, the community that makes the site and determines the content of a site. Internetsites used to be FROM a company FOR a visitor. These days the creator and visitor often are the same. There now is a purpose in sites besides being just informational. I don’t know any better..and I like how the internet and Web 2.0 buzz is behaving. I look forward to the Web 3.0 bubble..but first I’ll enjoy the 2.0!

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Thing #6 + #7 – Photo’s and playing with pictures

December 7th, 2008

Oke, it is time to discover a photo sharing website on the internet: Flickr

I kind of like Flickr. I upgraded to an upgraded account, not long ago to be able to create more sets. Before this I tried myspace and hyves but I don’t like the other things that come with myspace. The best thing about Flickr is their API. Many other sites, like Netvibes, display one of the best photo’s on the front page. I love them! There are so many talented people out there who make the most beautiful snapshots .. it is yet an other way to enjoy life and expand my horizon. Seeing things through someone else’s eyes and perspective.

I don’t feel the need to play with the photo editor of Flickr as I know I don’t need it right now.
As of now, I have 25 pages with photo’s. Some are great but there is lots of weed as well.

I have uploaded a photo of a windmill on Froskepolle in  Leeuwarden to Google Maps somewhere in July 2008. It is fun to see my own photo on there but I am not so sure about Google’s agreement point 11 about content license rights. Obviously I do agree with their agreement, else I would not be using their services. But that is something for an other post perhaps.

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Thing #4 + #5 – RSS and finding Feeds

December 2nd, 2008

Who receives newsletters these days? ..ehm, well I still do but only few.

RSS is the way to go these days!

There is so much ‘stuff’ available and circling around on the internet. For example, there are tons of websites that discuss PHP related topics, design, houses, news etc. How am I going to stay up to date with the subjects that interest me most and how do I make sure that, at the same time, I won’t miss a thing? ..well.. I can visit each website daily for new info.. makes sense. But if time is important and you have not much left daily then consider RSS and Feeds.

Feed yourself…

A few pre historical sites don’t offer feeds these days, no need to worry about these sites. Find a similar site that does offer feeds. You know if a site offers RSS feeds as soon as you see a click able icon like this one (only the orange rectangle):

RSS icon

At you can find more RSS Feed icons. You’ll learn how to locate the RSS Feeds links on websites soon enough. Now you know how to locate RSS Feeds..lets add them to somewhere or something so we can collect and read them..

Read your feeds with a feedreader…

Next big question for those who is new to all this. How do you read all the feeds you come accross? You will need a piece of software for that: a feedreader (or feed aggregator or news reader). There are many different types of feedreaders: offline and online. Currently I am using the Windows Live Mail application to read my feeds (and receive mails).

So how to get the feeds in your reader: copy the link of a feed icon. In your feed reader, find a way to add a new feed. Paste the link and you are all set. Your feedreader will retrieve the latest feeds for you..

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Thing #2 + #3 – Create your first weblog + post

November 23rd, 2008

Yeah.. oke, lucky me as I already have a weblog. It did take a while before I began to understand what exactly is a weblog and why people would use it and read it. My first impression of a weblog was, that it is a public diary. I could not believe anyone would be writing in their weblog, each post starting with: dear weblog or dear Kitty (I believe many girls named their weblog Kitty?).

Fortunately I was totally wrong. Right now I see it a mixture of some sort of very simple CMS and the functionality of being able to reply to a post, like in a forum, that can be used for many purposes, eg: business- and/or news blog, diary, rantblog etc etc. Many people on the internet even use blog software as their entire website.

ok, up to thing #4.

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Thing #1 – What is 23things

November 23rd, 2008

AAaaahh… I ran behind!! Let me try to catch least till halfway!


I have not done thing #1 even!

Oké! thing #1 = done! That wasn’t so hard. I just had to read the first post of what is about: basically it is about, shaking hands with and experience what is Web 2.0. The post ends with the following video:The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version)

I quite like this video, have not seen it before. I have not much to add to the thing #1 beside that I can imagine that it can be quite confusing and overloading in information for someone who isn’t an internet junky like I am.

Up to thing #2.

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23things: the Web 2.0 tools I use

September 17th, 2008

I am already using a few of the tools that will be used during the 23dingen course. Feel free to browse and see how I use it..and do let me know how you use it :)

my Delicious bookmarks

my Flickr photo’s

my LinkedIn profile

my Hyves profile

my profile

my YouTube profile (psst. I even uploaded a few vids ;) )

The instant messengers I use

MSN or Digsby (great tool to use for different IM providers) and there are many many more. be continued..


23things: kickoff

September 17th, 2008

Today is the kickoff of 23things (aka 23dingen in Dutch). It is an innitiative of my employer (NHL). Few departements (~20 people) within the NHL will follow this course to learn about Web 2.0 tools. As a CMD student I already consider myself quite Web 2.0-ish but it never hurts to learn more. Perhaps I might even be able of service to others (that would be more than wonderful!!).

Rob Coers of 23dingen explained what we can expect the next 4 months. And you can expect from me to fully report the events that will occur (if I witness them conciously). I hope to be able to motivate all participants by commenting their first (and future) blog posts.

And if you are one of the participants… feel free to add me to MSN and email me anytime with questions. And if I have the time, I would love to visit you and help you further with much pleasure!!

For more posts related to 23dingen, click on the tag ’23dingen’  at the bottom of this post.

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